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Janine Mori offers more than 20 years of experience helping employees, organizations, and individuals improve their performance. She has inspired corporate leadership, customer service employees, sales teams, front-line operations teams, senior housing residents, and the community at large. As a change agent, she uses her creativity, sense of humor, storytelling and high expectations to create a fun and motivating environment for personal growth and organizational development. Janine is passionate about optimizing life, and having made her own lifestyle changes, she is committed to giving back to the community by facilitating changes in how people live and work to improve well-being. As a trained Blue Zones coach, she embraces the health lessons from these pockets of centenarians around the world and enjoys sharing the wealth of knowledge learned from those who have lived longer, better, and independently with lower rates of disease.

Panoramic Living offers a range of speaking options to meet your budget and need. We work with expert partners in the fields of Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Leadership Development, who with great enthusiasm, educate audiences on how to implement the scientific based evidence to health and happiness.

Sample Topics

How to Make Longevity Happen

The thought of living to be over 100 is somewhat frightening. But what if you could do it and remain physically and mentally engaged, happy, and without needing excessive care and its associated expenses? Learn about the regions in the world that have the highest concentrations of centenarians and how their common lifestyle traits have proven successful.

Why Connection Counts

Research has proven that loneliness, although not measured as a cause of death, increases your risk of death. Learn what science is saying about how relationships are critical to longevity and happiness.

Mindfulness Matters

You may have heard about athletes, congressmen, and executives who all practice mindfulness and may have thought it’s just one of those wellness fads for people who like to meditate. Find out what mindfulness is and why it is not the wellness flavor of the day as it has gained recognition from the medical community for results with chronic illness, inflammation, anxiety, depression and even has been linked to longevity.

Getting Back to Our Roots

Cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer and obesity – all diseases killing our nation and causing healthcare to become America’s top industry. Learn why we need to and how we can Get Back to Our Roots. Back to the days when Americans were getting the majority of their food locally and eating foods that carry no ingredient label as they are naturally rooted to the earth – vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and beans.

Speaking Requests

To inquire about having Janine speak at your next event, please email us at janine@panoramicliving.us or call 631-888-3611.

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