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Forest Therapy. Shinrin-yoku. Forest Bathing. The Medicine of Being in the Forest.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

1:00 ― 4:00pm
Caleb Smith State Park
581 West Jericho Turnpike | Smithtown
Registration is limited to 24 guests.

Forests are the original antidote to stress and stress-related illness. Our species evolved in forests but then our adventurous spirits inspired global exploration that then led to industrialized civilizations. Our genes are still living in the forest but our bodies live in the busy, stressful conditions of modern civilization.

Forest therapy, also known as shinrin-yoku and forest bathing. Simply take a slow walk in the woods. Take in your surroundings through your senses. No need to think or analyze, just relax and let your natural sense of enjoyment guide you. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for it.

Join us for this three hour introductory workshop as we explore the practice that originated in Japan and is now making a difference around the world.

Thoughts from our guide, Bibi Calderaro.

In its inviting us to slow down, a reciprocal caring develops between us and those others. This cross-species caring and communication is somewhat of a healing process, where it takes time for things to happen. This is why it is important to practice it frequently, so that our daily habits learn again to sense more than we are used to—opening the senses to the world around us and slowing down to experiment with ears, nose, feet and hands, mouth and skin, before we translate to thought and words. I am an artist, walking for me is a medium as oil is for a painter. Walking for me is not the typical street walking to do grocery shopping; instead walking as I propose it is done frequently and in a natural environment —a neighborhood park can do, as long as there are a couple of trees and some other green that supports biodiversity.

A 3-4 hour walk in the forest is just the beginning of a beautiful new practice of self-care while you care for the world, while it gives immediate happiness and long-term health-enhancing benefits!

Bibi is a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, a practice based on the Asian practice of forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku) and is currently pursuing a degree in sustainability and education. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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